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Carmen Has A Crush On You!

01.11.2008by: Seth Gecko

Have you ever wanted to be the one true love of Carmen Electra? Have you always wanted to receive a sexy phone call from her to set up a date? Well gents, it looks like "Fox Studios" has done the impossible (sort of) as they've given us the opportunity to promote a new website to celebrate the release of "Meet the Spartans" which releases on January 25. If you don't remember, it's a spoof comedy like that horrid waste of celluloid called "Epic Movie". To be honest, Carmen is the only reason I even contemplated watching that shitfest.

Back to the special treat though as "" has told us of a brand-new promotional website called (Yeah, you read that right!) where you can pop in your first name, phone number and a photo of yourself and then send it off to receive a video interview of Carmen along with a voice call later from Carmen to set up a date. I've tried this myself and I think it's hilarious, especially the video and you'll understand why when you see it. I've yet to receive the phone call though so I'm still looking forward to the "Automated Carmen" system.

If you're looking for a laugh though or you seriously think that Carmen is going to contact you and offer you her big luscious hooters to play with, click here or click on her perfect cleavage in the photo below to play along and have a giggle. She's definitely a hottie though so the urge is too tempting to resist. So give it a shot gents and if you're into the spoof films of today (I'm not!), check "Meet the Spartans" out when it hits on January 25. Did I mention that Carmen is in the movie for those who didn't know?



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