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Jun. 23, 2009by: Cherry Liquor
Here's the thing about Cameron Diaz. In my very honest opinion, I no longer find her physically attractive. There's something to her glow that once was which has faded. Over the years that I've struggled through the movies she was in (sometimes just because I was a fan of her male co-star, as evidenced with FEELING MINNESOTA and A LIFE LESS ORDINARY), there have been times when she's demonstrated that she can actually be quite good. (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, anyone? Or even, on the lower end of the "good" spectrum, ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, one of the rare movies that I've watched about football and not been bored to eternal tears.)

So, here she is being given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Since the policy is that when a new one is issued, an older star usually gets displaced, I ponder if she's worthy of the honor. And in my honest opinion, looks don't mean squat when it comes to how hard you work or how often. Diaz manages both, usually with a surprising sense of humour at making fun of herself in the process. So Kudos to Diaz on her honour yesterday.

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1:30AM on 06/25/2009
She actually doesn't look too bad here, IMO.
She actually doesn't look too bad here, IMO.
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