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Charlize Theron joins the dark side...gym

Mar. 11, 2013by: Droz

By the looks of Charlize Theron lately, it would appear she has some deep, inner darkness to work off, in addition to that chow mein from the night before. That's the only explanation I can find for the decidedly Sith-like post workout coverings she's been wearing for the last few days. You nutty celebs and your attempts at maintaining your anonymity. I'm sure it's frustrating having no privacy in your daily life, but is it really bad enough that it's driven you into the arms of the dark side? Don't give in to hate, Charlize. I know it's frustrating that the paps can track you down wherever you go and mercilessly photograph you, no matter what kind of hoodie technologies you employ. But don't take the quick and easy path, as Kardashian did. You'll only end up an agent of evil, aka the E! channel. I can feel the goodness in you, Charlize - the conflict. I know there is good in you. They haven't driven it from you fully.

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Extra Tidbit: Hey, just because one flirts with darkness, doesn't they're above putting some good vibes out there. Thanks, Charlize!
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11:18PM on 03/11/2013
Can't wait to see a trailer for that new Mad Max film!
Can't wait to see a trailer for that new Mad Max film!
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8:33PM on 03/11/2013
♥ Charlize.
♥ Charlize.
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