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Chrissy Teigen tastes the rainbow, looks tasty while doing so

Aug. 22, 2013by: Droz

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen got a little rainbow surprise while doing a photoshoot recently, which I can only assume was for Skittles. Perhaps Chrissy was unaware she was working for Skittles, as it seems the introduction of their addictive little fruit chewables caught her by surprise. Unlike some of you, I don't have anything against current reigning SI cover queen Kate Upton. However, for 2014, I'd like to see Chrissy get some cover time. She's probably got my favorite body of all the models they currently feature. Having done 3 issues now, I think she's paid her dues. Chrissy needs to get some big league publicity so we can see more of her out there. There's no doubt she's got the body for it. She's curvaceous enough to please the crowd looking for something more than boney models, but she tops Kate in that she spreads the curves more evenly across her whole frame. Plus, she's gorgeous. That Thai-Norwegian heritage is really working well for her. I do love it so when far flung nationalities come together. They always make something beautiful.

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Source: Egotastic


Drool Back
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7:24PM on 08/22/2013
These SI models are gorgeous.
These SI models are gorgeous.
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