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Christina Hendricks brought back the boobage for the Emmys

10 months agoby: Droz

It's been awhile since Christina Hendricks brought the huge cleavage action. Time was when she couldn't let a big gathering like last night's Emmy proceedings pass without nearly spilling dem titties out of labored evening gowns. But then she went off and got married and began to angle for a career not founded on having ginormous tits. And just like that all the ample cleavage got tucked back behind yards and yards of concealing material. Apparently Christina was feeling a little nostalgic for past boner-baiting behavior, because out of retirement came that beautiful set of hers to the delight of huge titty lovers the world over. Just look at them, all pale white and ample. Observe how the vapid fashion interview persons pretend to be paying attention to whatever shit she's got around her wrist. Meanwhile, the rest of the planet keeps their eyes locked on that near horizontal line of cleavage Christina is exploding out into the world in full 3D. If I was her goofy husband, I'd be absconding with her to the ladies room every half hour just to satiate my constant need to motorboat those blessed things. The seat fillers would be working overtime for us.

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Drool Back
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7:21PM on 08/27/2014
I just can't get enough of Christina's big beautiful tits. I like her hair in these photos as well.
I just can't get enough of Christina's big beautiful tits. I like her hair in these photos as well.
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