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Christina Hendricks is preparing for the Hunger Games

09.04.2012by: Salacious Crumb

I understand that trends come and go, and I accept that some people tend to get involved with whatever the latest fad is, but I can't get my head around this new appreciation for bows and arrows. It just seems like too much of a coincidence that THE HUNGER GAMES and BRAVE came out earlier this year, and all the sudden, half the girls I know are interested in taking up archery. Sure there's also a newfound panic among people staring to form a militia uprising, but I don't think most young women are all too interested in that. It doesn't anger me as much as it just strikes me as odd, especially when I see Christina Hendricks playing with a gnarly-looking bow and arrow in V magazine's "sports issue". Of all the "sports" they chose for her, did they have to go with archery? I feel she might have some trouble shooting that thing, being as busty as she is. In Greek mythology, women warriors of the Amazon would have to... nevermind, it's too disgusting to talk about here. At least Christina looks pretty sexy aiming with that thing, does she not?

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Extra Tidbit: What other sport would you like to see Hendricks actively get involved in?
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2:10PM on 09/05/2012
Looks like she has been preparing herself for Jenny Craig. She has dropped a few L-B's
Looks like she has been preparing herself for Jenny Craig. She has dropped a few L-B's
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