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Christina Hendricks may or may not be naked under this coat, so let's just say she is

2 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

There are two thought running through my mind whilst looking at these images of Christina Hendricks in a tan coat dress. One is "oh my good god boobs" as usual, and the other is "what does she have on underneath?". Lingerie? A clown suit? Nothing? I think I'm gonna go with that third one. Christina attended a press conference for "Mad Men" strapped in a coat which emphasizes her bountiful curves, similar to the coats she occasionally wears on the show. I have to say, it's not every day Hendricks picks an awesome outfit like this. Sure, she's not one to hide her stupendous cleavage when attending award shows or things of the sort, but otherwise she keeps her sensitive milk bags out of the sunlight. It takes a get-up like this to remind everyone of Christina's lovely feminine features. Am I the only one whose extremely turned on by her voice as well? Not that I ever pay attention to anything she's saying.

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Source: The Daily Mail


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12:49AM on 03/08/2013

Whoa man!

What a woman!
What a woman!
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7:15PM on 03/07/2013
Nature's perfect specimen...
Nature's perfect specimen...
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