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Christina Hendricks proves that boobs and booze go together nicely

Jul. 12, 2012by: Droz

Christina Hendricks and her ginormous set were on hand for this Johnnie Walker event, where folks were apparently just sitting around, drinking scotch and looking at Christina's bulging breasts. So basically what happens every episode of Mad Men. No doubt the folks at Johnnie Walker were eager to get someone from that legendary booze-guzzling TV show to represent their whiskey. Choosing the one with the huge tits was probably a good move. Something tells me that Christina is going to have a tough time parlaying from Mad Men into something else once that show goes away. She's a great actress and I enjoy the work she's done up till now, but it's those big tits and curvaceous body that most folks bring up when discussing Christina. That fact, in combination with a niche performance on a conceptual show, feels like the perfect recipe for typecasting to me. She's probably already bombarded with scripts for the sassy, domineering, semi-slutty woman who whips everyone into shape. Which makes sense, since she does it so well. Can't see her getting many of those juicy biopic roles. Elenore Roosevelt with a triple D rack probably wouldn't work.

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