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Christina Hendricks's denim shirt can hardly contain her

Aug. 21, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

Pardon me if I'm alone in this department, but I'm not usually a fan of denim jackets or buttoned shirts. Strangely though, I find them a bit more appealing when the likes of Christina Hendricks is about to burst out of one. I'm also not usually a big fan of spur-of-the-moment paparazzi shots, so it looks like I fell into temptation here. But how could I not? Christina's globes-by-the-gallon haven't appeared this round and shapely in a while. It's good to know she still has it, 'cause to be honest, I was beginning to worry. And even if it is a pointless bundle of snapshots, at least she's granted us permission to stare and enjoy with her inviting smile. It's too bad that the only big-screen attempts Hendricks has made recently were some romantic comedies I'll never see and her 35-second appearance in DRIVE. She is nominated for her third Emmy this year (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series) for Mad Men so let's hope third time's a charm, and we'll hopefully get to view those button busters IMAX one day!

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