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Christina Milian is giving me some major hard oak

Apr. 18, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Christina Milian is a hottie that I've unfortunately completely forgot about. It's not at all that I wanted to, but ever since MTV started realizing that scripted reality shows were better than music videos, she's slipped from my memories (and wet dreams dreams). This is, however, indeed a Good Friday as she's been spotted at the Oak Nightclub the other night and some man with a camera caught this hottie and has allowed her to enter my memories in glorious fashion. These pictures are mostly flawless, but some gentleman is really keeping them from being perfect. Yeah, I'm talking about the dude with the hand on her crack looking at the camera like he's better than me. In all honesty, he is. Look how far his hand is down her back. His look of arrogance and sheer smugness as he thinks, "Aw, what, ResidentRiddle64? You wanna touch this booty? TOO BAD!" Ugh! Curse these mind reading from still photograph powers of mine. Oh, well. It's worth it to see Christina again, I suppose. Take a look below and let me know if you agree.

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