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May. 5, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

Remember Danielle Fishel? Sure you do... she's Topanga from "Boy Meets World"! How could anyone forget that cute little thing who tormented the hormones of Ben Savage and tolerated the antics of a young Rider Strong? Much as Ben has completely disappeared from the spotlight and Strong has ended up in a lot of low budget horror flicks (although I disagree that TOOTH AND NAIL could be categorized as such), Danielle hasn't had break-out success story either, limited to mainly work on the Tyra Banks show and as a spokeswoman for Nutrisystem.

But she also happened to be featured in a couple of direct-to-DVD movies that, while stupid, are that fun kind of stupid that goes hand in hand with the numerous off-shoots of the AMERICAN PIE franchise. DORM DAZE is into its third installment, the first that Danielle wasn't involved in, but I highly recommend that if you're looking for some stupidity, a lot of nudity and a cast full of actors and actresses who are on Danielle's level (nostalgic for that fat ginger kid from SANDLOT? Go for the first DORM DAZE. Or just love on James DeBello in both), check them out. And don't forget that Topanga is a whopping 27 years old today, so it's safe to have a more mature crush on her now than you did when you were younger. AKA: it's still safe to spank the monkey to that honey. Happy Birthday, Danielle!

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Extra Tidbit: Back during his "closeted" days, Danielle used to date Lance Bass. Reportedly, they're still friends.
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