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Classic B-Movie Hottie found mummified in home

May. 4, 2011by: Cherry Liquor

Well, this makes me sad. I wasn't a huge fan of Yvette Vickers, a one-time Playboy Playmate and star of such cult favorites as ATTACK OF THE 50-FOOT WOMAN and ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES, but my dad was. I doubt that I would have watched those films if we hadn't shared the experience as a part of his desire to turn my childhood into a constant Elvira-esque movie marathon.

Vickers was recently found dead in her Beverly Hills home last week. Since she was 82 years old, it's not a sudden or even unexpected death, but how she was discovered becomes the morbid newsworthy part of the story. When one of Yvette's neighbors finally went to check on why her lawn was overgrown, her door covered with cobwebs and her mailbox bursting with yellowing bills, she broke into the home to find the actress very dead - as in mummified.

Foul play is not suspected in Vickers' death but the L.A. coroner is working on determining the cause of death as well as the approximate time of death. Due to the advanced stage of mummification, they are estimating that she was dead for at least a year before she was discovered.

She sure was a pretty lady in her heyday. It's a shame that she had to die alone like this.

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Source: DListed


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3:39PM on 05/04/2011
That's just all kinds of sad.
That's just all kinds of sad.
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