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Claudia Romani needs to communicate with her user

Apr. 8, 2013by: Droz

Notorious attention junkie Claudia Romani was "spotted" in her natural beach habitat and mostly natural attire the other day, doing her best TRON impression with a hula hoop. Unfortunately, it would appear that Claudia's identity disc is mostly empty air, which is apropos considering that she seems to know little else but posing in bikinis. One might choose to judge her harshly for that, but you do have to admit that she is pretty good what she does. Hey, we can't all be brain surgeons. Some folks have to opt for that fall back position and fashion a career out of showing their ass in thongs. It's a noble profession, with predecessors going back to at least the early 80s. It's also a worthwhile public service, perhaps even more than many others. I mean really, how often are do you find yourself in need of a brain surgeon anyway? Maybe once in your life, if you're really unlucky. And then you gotta have your head cut open. That's no fun. Wouldn't you rather be giving your money and time to the chick with the hot ass in a thong? Not only is she cheaper, but look at all the eye candy you get to enjoy. Sure, your brain will probably rot in your skull, but at least you had fun, right?

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Source: Moe Jackson


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