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"Compass" Premiere

Nov. 28, 2007by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifI have to admit that I'm on the fence as to deciding whether the new fantasy film, "The Golden Compass" is going to be a gigantic success, a terrible failure or somewhere in between. I will admit that the movie itself looks amazing and the books are very well done as well. Could it be the next "Lord of the Rings"?.....we'll have to wait and see. However, you won't have to wait and find out how hot the female stars were when they attended the world premiere for the movie yesterday.

The reason for this is because we have the exclusive red carpet photos right here and now for you to enjoy. The two main female leads of the film, Nicole Kidman and Eva Green attended the premiere looking absolutely beautiful for the cameras and interviewers. I have to say though that even with Nicole's stellar look last night, she still couldn't beat Eva's absolutely stunning figure and eyes. Eva literally has looks that can kill and I guarantee that you'll be sucked into her eyes when you look at her photos below.

So enjoy the exclusive red carpet premiere shots everybody and watch out for the movie when it releases on December 7, 2007. To check out one of the official trailers for the film, click here.

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