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Cortney Palm debuts her Zombeaver at Tribeca

Apr. 25, 2014by: Cherry Liquor
Cortney Palm has dropped the U from the spelling of her name because after you take one look at her resume, U won't be the same again. Cheesy joke but still, with titles such as SUSHI GIRL, IT'S NOT A DATE and ZOMBEAVERS under her belt, Palm might just be the next big thing in B-movie scream queens. Add to that the fact that she's booked work in more high profile stuff such as THE PURGE: ANARCHY and you might be respelling her name for all the other Courtneys of the world. While promoting the flesh eating dam builders in Tribeca, I can't help but notice that either the people responsible for the portraits of the cast have captured Cortney at her most tweeked-out-looking. There's something cute about the fresh meat brunette (perhaps it's the mole?) and yet she also gives me little sister of Sasha Grey vibes, which I only mean as a compliment. What do you guys think of Cortney?

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Source: Zimbio


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3:46PM on 04/26/2014

I'd Do Her

She's got some great abs. Ashamed to admit I do see the Sasha Grey resemblance.
She's got some great abs. Ashamed to admit I do see the Sasha Grey resemblance.
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