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Courteney Cox is a sexy InStyle cougar

5 years agoby: Randy the Ram

InStyle is my favorite magazine that I never read, it always features an array of sexy women in some well made photos. In this occasion Courteney Cox graces the cover of the magazine and she seems to be getting back on the hot scale, I was really impressed by those photos where she was filming the latest SCREAM entry. "Tight, bright dresses on a cougar", that's definitely something. It's looks like after confirming SCREAM 4 we'll be seeing a lot more from Courteney as it seem she's trying to get herself in the spotlight a little more. She definitely has been looking better each day.

Is this one of those cases where an actress seems to be aging gracefully? I think thats what's been happening with Cox, the only things that I don't quite like about her is that you can see her nip-tucks, especially in her face but she's starting to blend them with the rest a little more. She has ultimately turned herself into one sexy cougar.

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Extra Tidbit: So is David Arquette gay for liking Cox?
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1:38PM on 07/28/2010
David Arquette is def not hitting that hard enough.
David Arquette is def not hitting that hard enough.
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