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Cruz In "Barcelona"

Feb. 1, 2008by: Seth Gecko

I know that a lot of you out there are huge fans of Woody Allen and all the films he has ever directed or written. Unfortunately, I've never shared in the fandom because I consider him to be one of the most overrated directors of all-time. Maybe it's because I consider his films to be downright boring or the fact that every film he makes revolves around the same idea, especially his last couple of movies. However, Woody does have one talent that I admire and that is to get the hottest actresses to star in his films so we give him credit for that.

In his latest drama called "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", Woody has involved many big stars including the seductive Scarlett Johansson, the badass Javier Bardem (soon to be Oscar winner) and finally, the gorgeous Penelope Cruz whom my story focuses on today. We've come into possession of the first official still photo of Penelope looking like she could definitely f#ck us up which is so hot. The cigarette is a tad bit of a turnoff but Penelope's overall sex appeal more than makes up for it. Have a look-see below then and enjoy.

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10:40PM on 02/05/2008

Woody Allen

Try Scoop. I think that one is pretty good.
Try Scoop. I think that one is pretty good.
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