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Curvaceous Brit Lucy Mecklenburgh devastates in Dubai

Feb. 24, 2014by: Droz

Apparently the British hotties got the connections for where to go when they need to get to some place sunny and warm. That makes sense. They do live in the land of perpetual wintery conditions and I imagine you just have to get the hell out of there at some point just to keep the dreary from destroying your will to live. Such was the case with hottie Brit actress and model Lucy Mecklenburgh down in Dubai this weekend. I love how this woman wears bikinis. She looks perfect in these. It's a curious place to wear a bikini though. The Middle East isn't known for its fondness for skimpy beach garb. I guess if the woman isn't from there, it's totally cool to wear the shit that shows off next to everything. Somehow I don't think the rich Arab dude's daughters are going to be joining Lucy by the water in their own string bikinis. They'd probably have to wear that 1920's style bathing suit with the ruffles and stockings that go down to the ankles. That probably means they're not much for lounging by the water then over there. Good thing it's all mostly desert then - except for the hot British chick district, of course.

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Drool Back
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7:31PM on 02/24/2014
Love the design of the two-piece, and the girl wearing it is great too.
Love the design of the two-piece, and the girl wearing it is great too.
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