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Cute Bunny Rabbit

May. 13, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

No, not THAT kind of rabbit. As if it wasn't enough to have to see that peacock take up perch on the head of Sarah Jessica Parker at the London premiere of the upcoming SEX & THE CITY movie, we're going to be subjected to some more new and exciting ways to promote the movie that most likely will bomb the hardest this summer.

An adult toy company is putting out a "Sex & the City" vibrator, named after the title character that Parker's Carrie is set to marry. (Aw, dammit. I hate rhyming when it's not on purpose.) The "Mr. Big" rabbit vibrator is being released to coincide with the movie's American debut, a 10th anniversary celebration of the same toy first showing up on the HBO phenom what seems like a lifetime ago.

Let me just say that as a woman, the rabbit vibes look frightening. But dammit, if you want to keep your woman, make sure you drive home their scary appearance factor as they have a success rate that no man could ever achieve, even in his grandest S&TC scripted dreams. Don't say I didn't learn you nothin'.

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Extra Tidbit: On a completely random and yet still X-rated note, HERE'S a link to some funny porno movie posters from back in the day when sex was fun, it was shot on film and Ron Jeremy could still see his feet.
Source: Holy Moly

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