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Dakota Fanning does her best Chloe Sevigny impression for Wonderland magazine

Feb. 13, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
Here's the thing: I cannot decide if I find Dakota Fanning attractive now that she's of legal age. I wasn't sure she was all that cute of a child actress when she first appeared in I AM SAM, but I was impressed by her talent. When I watched her as Cherie Curry in THE RUNAWAYS, I thought she looked pretty good in that spadex, '70's stuff, the feathered hair and even the skimpy lingerie on stage. As she's approaching 19 and continuing to express herself as a young adult, I'm not sold. Sometimes I think yes. In fact, comparing her to Chloe Sevigny is a compliment from me. I have always been enchanted with the strange weirdness of Sevigny's looks. But then again, Chloe plays a lot off of icons from the 1930's cinema, something that I think Wonderland magazine was trying to do here with Dakota. She photographs well (Or is it that she photoshops even better?) and she's still a talented actress. I suppose that looks, talent and a lot of other factors should go into the final evaluation. In a perfect world....

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Source: Just Jared


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