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Dakota Fanning teaches some lessons about how to be young and posing for Glamour

Feb. 1, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
In comparison to Glamour Germany's shoot with Taylor Swift, the USA is hauling out some more titillating images when it comes to the nearly 19-year old Dakota Fanning. The star of Sundance's popular VERY GOOD GIRLS has been working furiously to get herself back in the game like she used to be some wild 10 years ago when I think the entire world was convinced that she was the only working child actress for a span of what stretched forever by Hollywood standards. But her parents did the right thing and pulled her out of the acting game so she could attend high school like a "normal" millionaire kid, thus allowing her younger sister Elle Fanning to take over for awhile as the young face everyone wanted to see. But it's been back to work for Dakota since she signed onto the TWILIGHT movies and her resume is a thick slate of 2013 upcoming releases. She's looking pretty good in this grown-up version, although I would say that given a few more years, comparing Dakota and Elle will not favor the elder sister so well.

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Source: Hollywood Life


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