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Dakota Johnson hugs her pokies against Johnny Depp on set of Black Mass

Jun. 19, 2014by: Cherry Liquor

The big news in the world of what your mother cares about, the reveal of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, came out yesterday, on what was the birthday of the character from the fan-fic-phenom, 50 Shades of Grey. The thing that interested me more was seeing pictures of the 51-year old Johnny Depp (yes, folks - Johnny Depp turned 51 back on June 9th) wearing what has to be minimal aging makeup on the set of BLACK MASS, the biopic about Whitey Bulger and the beginnings of FBI witness protection program. We've all grown used to Depp being this huge sex symbol and certainly the Depp who continues to wish himself seen as such with his recent engagement to the young Amber Heard.

What we might need to get used to is seeing Dakota Johnson in more movies. The daughter of Melanie and Don might have grabbed most of her headlines from being cast as Anastasia in 50SoG but I gotta say, the more I see her in, the more I really like the girl. (She's particularly endearing in DATE AND SWITCH.) And while many might try to liken her looks to her mother's, I think she takes after her dad more, a guy that I crushed on as a wee child when he was wearing all those pastels with white suits.

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Source: Daily Mail


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There should really be a neutral option

There should really be a neutral option
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