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Dani Thorne dressed like this to a movie premiere no one cared about

May. 23, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Wow. You know, red carpets are always filled with crazy and sexy outfits, I just never expected something like this to be worn to BLENDED, you know? F*ck my expectations though cause here's red-headed hottie Dani Thorne looking underdressed….overdressed…I can't tell…to the premiere of the flick. Props to her, though. Perhaps, she knew exactly how awful this movie would be and how little anyone would really give a shit about it, so to compensate, she dressed like…well, this. I'm not here to judge, though. Yeah, that thing she's wearing is a little revealing, but she looks mega hot. A great view of her cleavage and insanely long legs and you've got yourself a very good looking group of pictures. You can even see some ass cheek from the front of her and whenever you can pull that off, you know they're doing something right. It's just that…well, it's an Adam Sandler summer comedy flick, you know? She couldn't have waited to wear that to some awesome award show? Or to our first date? I don't mean to sound hurt. Let's just take the optimistic route and say that she's now the best part about this movie. All things considered, she's the victim here. Poor thing had to sit through it. *imagines holding her closely* It's okay, Dani. It's over. Shhh…. 

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