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Danica McKellar flaunts her math book curves at LA's 18th Annual Festival of Books

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
While she might be officially divorced, former "Wonder Years," actress and current math book slinger, Danica McKellar was spotted at the 18th Annual Festival of Books in Los Angeles over the weekend with her ex-husband, Mike Verta and their young son. McKellar was a guest speaker at the event, promoting her latest book designed to get more girls interested in math, this time with Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape. It's more fun for me to do the mathematics regarding her thoughts when she woke up one morning, glanced over at Verta and realized that she'd married the grown-up version of Kevin Arnold. Considering that this is McKellar's fourth book about math, I think she's doing just fine in the literary industry. They'll be a grown-up Micky out there for her somewhere. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but that was the dude that Winnie kissed when she took that summer job in the final season, right? And he was played by the CHRISTMAS STORY kid, Peter Billingsley?)

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2:20PM on 04/22/2013
She looks like she could Summer Glau's sister...and that ain't a bad thing!
She looks like she could Summer Glau's sister...and that ain't a bad thing!
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