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Deborah Ann Woll is bella in Bello

Dec. 12, 2013by: Droz

The clock is definitely about to run out on 2013. Pretty incredible how time is just flying by anymore. Anyway, this is the time of year when I like to go back and post some of the good stuff I've overlooked earlier in the year. Not sure how the hell I managed to miss this spread of redhead goddess Deborah Ann Woll looking all stylish in the pages of Bello magazine from way back in July. We hardly ever get any Deborah content, which makes me kick myself twice for not coming up with it 5 months ago. Oh well, better late than never, right? She really is a knockout. Makes me dread this coming summer though, when True Blood exits our airwaves permanently. I get the feeling Deborah's character Jessica is going to meet with a dismal end. Then again, you could say that for most people on that show. I'm just concerned about what's going to come of Deborah when the show is all wrapped up. Hopefully we can still see her around in some decent stuff. For instance, this movie(?) IMDB shows her headlining:

I have no idea what the hell it's about, but I the poster art is inspired to say the least.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Source: Bello


Drool Back
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8:05PM on 12/12/2013
Firery redheadedness at its finest!
Firery redheadedness at its finest!
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