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Demi Lovato lets her bra hang out while she performs at the B96 Pepsi concert in Chicago

Jun. 17, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
She doesn't make music that I would consider going out of my way for. Her judging on whatever reality talent show that she's featured on doesn't interest me at all. I understand that she went through a period of doing drugs, smacking back-up dancers around and being fodder for a Tango with the Wilmer Wango. Still... I like Demi Lovato. I might not have good substantial reasons why other than there's something about her that is cocksure and adorably bitchy about her, as well as taking a stand on the slings and arrows thrown her way due to "weight problems." (Sorry, even at her biggest, Lovato was never as big as the gossiping kept referring her to be.) Here in Chicago over the weekend for the Pepsi B96 concert series, in tight spandex and a visible glittery bra, I'm in the Demisphere.

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Extra Tidbit: To be honest, I thought this was Kelly Clarkson at first, with the blonde hair Demi has right now. Now Kelly (and especially her music), I love.
Source: Daily Mail


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10:17PM on 06/17/2013

I like...

Demi Lovato but she looks better as a brunette.
Demi Lovato but she looks better as a brunette.
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