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Demi & Rumer Pole?

03.11.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I find "news" like this to be disturbing when I hear about regular suburbanite housewives teaching their teenage daughters to do stuff like this but the fact that celebrities get away with it like it's a source of amusement leaves me more sickened than contemplating E*Trade even considering settling with Lindsay Lohan for that ad.

Demi Moore introduced her daughter Rumer Willis to the big screen when she made the movie STRIPTEASE and had the tyke cast as her young daughter at the time. Rumer was watched by strippers and loving every minute of it before she got into her teens and developed a crush on that dude from "That '70's Show," whom her mother later decided to turn into her step-father. Nicem huh?

But the story about Demi keeping her stripper pole and breaking out some dance movies at a party where her daughter and her young husband were in attendance (as well as Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio, who must have used the traumatic events of that night to inspire his performance in SHUTTER ISLAND) is just, well... ooogy to me. There's no time line in the story which pinpoints the date that this happened, since I know Rumer is a grown up now and all, but still. Really?



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3:25AM on 03/12/2010
What can you say. If you have money, you can do whatever you damn well please.
What can you say. If you have money, you can do whatever you damn well please.
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