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Apr. 29, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

Ya know, Pebbles Flintstone didn't look half bad at the Oscars this year. That is, if Pebbles had ever been a stripper who turned uber-hip catch phrases into the 2007's Best Original Screenplay. Diablo Cody has taken a lot of crap over her name, her personal background and the question of whether or not her first hit script was even all that good. (I liked *the majority of* it.)

Cody's second script is the highly anticipated JENNIFER'S BODY, not necessarily because she wrote it but because it managed to reel in Megan Fox and get her to do a nude scene. So for all the Cody haters, knock that blabbering off. Megan + TRANSFORMERS + clothes = Damn hot. Megan + trendy script + nudity? Well... you don't have to be an ex-stripper to figure that one out.

Recently Cody signed up for a newer website that allowed its users to interact at a more rapid pace than the MySpazz blogs and bulletins. The site is called and users there can "follow" one another around and look for their brief statements on their moods, state of mind, etc. You can even upload these statements via text message. How forward thinking! But she's gathering "followers" quickly, prompting even the dinosaur in me to consider checking it out. (Hey, JoBlo... you gotta convince her to get an account over here, dude. Can you imagine the "Strike Back"s she'd have?)

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Cody was married to a man named John Hunt, whom she divorced the year she broke out. Man, I bet that bloke's kicking himself for the whole leaving toilet seat up and not taking out the trash marriage crap now.
Source: DefamerTwitter
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