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Do you know up-and-coming hottie Portia Doubleday? You wanna?

Oct. 8, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

Well, what do we have here? Another brand new hottie? Woo-hoo! 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ms. Portia Doubleday. You may remember her from YOUTH IN REVOLT and BIG MOMMAS: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON (those we won't talk about). She also is in the new CARRIE film as well as HER coming out later this year (much better). While my interest in the former isn't blasting through the roof, I am a little interested in checking it out, especially now that I know this beauty will be gracing the screen for a few scenes, at least. I am a little worried, though. Upon doing some research, I've discovered Portia will be playing the main bully chick in the movie, which kind of sucks. I know casting directors sometimes take a face for what its worth, but what if she went in to audition and they all automatically said to her, "Wow. You're really hot! You'll be playing...the BITCH!" as they threw their papers into the air and laughed maniacally. That would probably get to this girl's head pretty quickly. Don't give in, Portia! I'm sure you're a sweetheart who looks very thirsty for coffee tomorrow night. Now, I just gotta get myself to L.A. Anyway, take a look and welcome Portia to MovieHotties, won't you? 

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Extra Tidbit: Are you interested at all in CARRIE?


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10:46PM on 10/10/2013
Looks like an asian sex doll of an supposedly american blonde
Looks like an asian sex doll of an supposedly american blonde
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