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Do you recognize this leggy, blonde streetwalker?

Aug. 14, 2012by: Droz

Don't cheat now and scroll down to the last few pics. Personally, I would have been fooled when I first saw these pics of an actresses decked out like a bullfighting streetwalker for her next gig, had they not been clearly labeled. Doesn't quite look like anyone I'm familiar with in the celebrity circle. I would have thought that those long legs would have spoken for themselves. Of course the confusion results from the fact that this is someone who has no prior connection to blondeness and therefore slips into obscurity relatively easily beneath a platinum-haired wig as a result. For those of you who haven't already scrolled down, the identity of this lady is none other than Nancy Botwin herself, Mary Louise Parker. Yeah, I wouldn't have guesses that either. Although I must say that those stems are looking just delicious for someone currently in her 48th year on this planet. Hell, those look fantastic for someone half her age.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna


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