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Don't call it a comeback, Katie's been Holmes for years

Dec. 14, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
That's it. I'm calling it right here and right now. I am officially back in love with Katie Holmes. She's dialed back on the smiling action that she'd been doing at the last couple of benefits that I posted of her at, probably because this is for Hurricane Sandy Relief Benefit and that's no laughing matter. She's positively radiant and slowing growing more and moreso as the months go by. No more Stepford Katie, glancing around blankly as people took her picture every waking moment of the day when she wasn't locked in the closet like Baby Jane. (Or R. Kelly. You could substitute that one as well.) She had shown so much potential when she first started hitting up movies after her "Dawson's Creek," years, from the vastly underrated TEACHING MRS. TINGLE as well as the litany of weird but cool and easy to watch repeatedly movies like DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, GO, WONDER BOYS, THE GIFT and of course, my personal high point for her, PIECES OF APRIL. Then everything ran off the tracks and Tom was only giving her approval to act in movies like JACK AND JILL. Katie, we're all behind you. We believe you can fly!

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Extra Tidbit: I swear, if you look REALLY close at a couple of these shots, I think there's some minor amount of nip peeking through that sheer fabric.
Source: TooFab


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