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"Doomsday" Trailer!

7 years agoby: Seth Gecko

Are you all prepared for the next action hero hottie gentlemen? I hope so cause it looks like she'll be arriving sooner than we think. The beautiful and seductive Rhona Mitra has always been in the shadows for many years in terms of her career but it looks like director Neil Marshall ("The Descent") is giving her the chance to show us what she's truly made of in his new film called "Doomsday".

I've been looking forward to this post-apocalyptic action/thriller for ages now ever since I heard the story and also that Marshall is directing it. It can easily be described as a mix of "The Road Warrior", "28 Days Later" and many other classics all rolled into one film. At the heart of it all is Rhona who looks hotter than hell just standing in one spot let along laying the boots to some infected she-bitch ("Army of Darkness" reference intended). With all this talk and excitement comes the first official trailer for the film and it looks pretty friggin' wild. It could go either way though since the film has a ton of similarities to so many others. Either way, Rhona couldn't look hotter and that's all we need to know.

So with all that in mind, we're sticking with MovieHotties tradition to bring you a ton of awesome caps from the high-definition trailer. They all feature Rhona and you can definitely tell right away that they're trying to sell her ass as you'll see in one of the caps below. Enjoy the caps then and to see the trailer, click here and watch for the movie when it releases on March 14.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

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3:18AM on 01/16/2008

Rhona should have been Lara Croft

Looks great!
She also was the best Tomb Raider model, by far.
Looks great!
She also was the best Tomb Raider model, by far.
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