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Doutzen Kroes also gets bikini bound in the bush

Sep. 13, 2012by: Droz

It's funny how all these Victoria's Secret models are out doing the bikini photo shoots in Miami at this time of year, when summer is quickly fading into fall. Can't forget about that southern hemisphere I guess, where things are all topsy-turvy and summer sun burns down on Aussie beaches while we here in the States are digging out from snow. All those ladies down under need the latest styles in beachwear. Hotties like Candice Swanepoel are clearly doing their part for that cause. So is Doutzen Kroes, who was doing her thing in green and gold getups. These are beautiful ladies, there no doubt about that. They're also impossibly formed. Just look at her. Where the hell does she keep her guts? She looks like she'd fold in half at the waist if a strong breeze blew toward her. I'm not going to get into that whole "too skinny" argument. Like Hyman Roth might have said, "this is the business she's chosen." I guess she has to be proportioned appropriately.

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