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Drunks Attack Lilo!

May. 2, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

Here's a simple thought, just in case you haven't thought about it. Drinking while you're out of your home, while you might be at a restaurant or bar or club or drug dealer's basement, it's still illegal. I don't care if you like to refer to yourself as being a casual drinker, if you're drinking, YOU DON'T DRIVE. That's as plain and simple as not eating sports event nachos. (Sorry, Jo.)

So I can understand why Lindsay Lohan is mad about the advertisement attached below and the American Beverage Institute using her mug shot to advocate that while ignition interlocks (those thingys you breathe in so that you can start your car) are good for habitual addicts like poor Linds, they're a pain in the ass for the pretentious f*cks who like to drink a few glasses of wine at the Macaroni Grill before piling their kids into a minivan and motoring home.

This is so simple and so easy to understand. If you like to drink and you're planning on it, find a loser friend that hates alcohol to tag along, pay for their meal, and then have them drive you home. (I'm proud to be that loser, by the way.) Or if you like to drink at bars, move to a neighborhood where one or more are within walking distance. You don't get high and mighty and put an ad in USA Today about how your right to drink is above the law simply because you can stand upright at the end of the evening. Don't be an asshole. Your fun little drink might be the death of someone's child, someone's mother, someone's loved one. Sure, they like to call them "accidents" but let's face it... drinking and willfully driving afterward is no accident. Take responsibility.

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Extra Tidbit: Lindsay's actually only been officially arrested twice, once on May 26th of 2007 and then on July 24th of the same year.
Source: DListed


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