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Duff's War Clips

May. 12, 2008by: Seth Gecko

Well gents, if you never thought that Hilary Duff could ever get you excited in any way shape or form, you'd better start loosening your jeans right now and prepare for the hottest moments of her entire career so far. As of this moment, she has completely obliterated her teenie-bop image once and for all as the title character named Yonica Babyyeah in the largely popular political satire film, "War, Inc.".

I'm telling you guys, she's so hot in this movie that it's almost wrong and we have the proof below. In the video we've uploaded, you can watch all of Hilary's hottest clips from the film in very good quality for the first time and we'd like to thank Scott253 for the assist. If you've ever wanted to hear Hilary say "You're a tit man" in a hot Russian accent and then run her hands down her chest, this is the clip for you. Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: I'm at a loss for words right now gents...
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