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Dulce Maria is one caliente Mexican dish best served spicy

Aug. 22, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

If you had absolutely no idea Dulce Maria was an actress and singer straight out of Mexico whose claim to fame included telenovelas and pop music, don't worry about it. Neither did I, but now we do and isn't life that much more spectacular now that you know about this woman? Exactly. So…you're welcome. I'm also unsure what SoHo magazine is all about. Perhaps I need to read more or perhaps I'll just keep relying on the internet to show me magazines and books I've never read and to introduce me to women I'll never meet or kiss (much less stand within twenty feet of). I seem to be doing okay so far, especially with today's post, but I digress. Dulce posed for Soho magazine (whatever the hell that is), but here we can see that this is the perfect introduction…bikinis. Supremely hot ones, at that, with striped red covering up her breasts and a little blue bottom to cover everything else. Mmm-mmm-mmm. Whatever moron said too much of a good thing was bad obviously has never seen these pics. 

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Source: Celebmafia


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5:14AM on 08/23/2014
Ill make the pesos rain on this chick
Ill make the pesos rain on this chick
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