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EChris at NBC

May. 18, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
I know I'm not the only one who has expressed having a thing for Erika Christensen and her curvy frame, but I will be the first one to admit that while she's got one of the prettier faces in Hollywood that I've seen (yes, I'm sticking to that), she really needs to find herself a couple of things before I can continue to support her. One is a better stylist who considers what lighting she'll be in before picking out what she is going to wear to an event like she did for the NBC Universal's Upfront presentation in NYC and the second is a manicurist who can give her a better mani-pedi than the scary job she's sporting right now. Actually, it might be better if you just don't look at her feet.

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Extra Tidbit: I hate feet. I should have known better than to look at her feet.
Source: Celebrity Snap

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10:33AM on 05/18/2010
I still love her...
I still love her...
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