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Eiza Gonzalez may not like the paparazzi, but she sure dresses nice for them

1 year agoby: ResidentRiddle64

Eiza Gonzalez is a major league hottie for sure and if I had to recast a character that Salma Hayek had played originally, this is definitely a pretty good choice, you know? Well, it seems that fame is finally catching up to her as we see the paparazzi making their way to the front lines and snapping some shots of Eiza, who looks less than excited to see these guys. I get it. The paparazzi are annoying and invasive as all hell. Unfortunately, that's not going to go away. I try not to use candid photos like these if I can help it, but look at the way she's dressed. Dear God. I can honestly say to you that no, I couldn't help it. That's why these are here. Just look at her. Damn, she's attractive. The fact that she went out in public looking like this and not to the beach or to tan is beyond me, but the leg and cleavage show is just too much for me to judge, refrain from putting these pictures up or vomiting in a circle from the sheer attractiveness that I'm seeing here. Just be less attractive, Eiza. That will help me refrain from the paparazzi picture articles. I promise… God you're beautiful. 

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