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Electra Sells Sex

Jun. 22, 2010by: Randy the Ram

Carmen Electra hasn't done anything relevant lately so its only fitting that she's gotten a gig in some porn shop, I'm not really sure about the details but it definitely brings back good memories. i got to be honest, while I'm more of a guy who wants the whole package (hot body, brains, talent, cute face, personality with a pint of sexy playfulness) a couple of times I have inevitably been drawn to more, lets face it, trashier chicks. The perfect example has always been the electrifying "actress". This is not a girl you have a crush on, this is not an actres you want to see at a movie, this is one chick that gives you a massive boner and you just want to f*ck because you know, oh yes you know she knows a thing or two about that. In one word f*cktacular.

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Extra Tidbit: We get an Old school Electra on the wall as an added bonus!
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8:21PM on 06/22/2010

I don't know what I was thinking 14yrs ago......

She is not attractive.
She is not attractive.
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8:08PM on 06/23/2010

Still got it

She still looks great.
She still looks great.
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