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Eleven days since the last Menounos ass update seems like forever

May. 1, 2012by: Droz

I don't know how it happened that I caught a snippet of Maria Menounos's dancing routine on last night's Dancing with the Stars. I tend to avoid such things like the plague, but circumstances forced me to watch at least part of her routine. Now, I have no idea what makes a good dance or a bad one. I assume if they haven't fallen down or broken something by the time it's over, everything went well. Apparently that was the case with Maria's dance, which got a perfect score from the annoying judges. So I guess that means she can stay on the show. Is that right? How the hell does this shit work? Why do I even care? I mean, apart from ensuring we get more Menounos ass in spandex work out clothes. Looking at it that way, I really hope they like her dancing or whatever. I've become attached to that ass these last weeks. Or rather, I wish I was attached to it.

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Drool Back
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3:46AM on 05/02/2012
Her ass is amazing.
Her ass is amazing.
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