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Elisandra Tomacheski and her perfect little butt were born to wear bikinis

08.21.2013by: Droz

You probably think we feature a lot of bikini models around here, but if you've ever surveyed this facet of the modelling world you'll know that it's quite a densely populated sector. Most of the time I find myself glossing over a lot of those ladies who do this kind of work, as there is a tendency for them to start resembling cookie cutter clones after awhile. However, the sight of model Elisandra Tomacheski's ass in these assorted bikinis was sufficient to snap me out of my stupor. It's not an impressive ass due to it's extraordinary size or anything like that. It's just...cute in that white girl way. It's the kind of butt that looks like it would be really fun to grab hold of and play with whenever the mood strikes you.

Considering the quality of Elisandra's overall presentation, I imagine such urges to get playful with her would probably come on fairly regularly. It makes sense that she's got such a noteworthy butt, considering that she is yet another model recruited from these sun scorched beaches of Brazil. I always assumed the influence of African booty juice in Brazil's genetic melting pot is what was responsible for all the fine backsides coming out of that country. Elisandra looks about as European as they come though, so maybe it's something in the water that just grows a finer ass down there. We may never know the truth there.

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Drool Back
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6:56PM on 08/21/2013
Pretty sexy stuff.
Pretty sexy stuff.
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