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Elisha Cuthbert does her best Sears catalog impression for Amy Sussman

Dec. 5, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Amy Sussman apparently is a photographer who has been working at making a name for herself lately in the heavily populated field of photography. There's only one problem. If she can take a gorgeous icy blonde like Elisha Cuthbert and make it look like she was sitting for a Sears Family Portrait Studio layout, she's doing something very, very wrong. These images of the "Happy Endings" actress were taken back in October but just recently released in high definition and I honestly don't believe that they could make Elisha look worse. Sure, she's still pretty, please don't get me wrong there, but considering the material you have to work with, I don't get the concept. Is Sussman aiming to prove that boring is the new black? Has Cuthbert recently adopted some form of religion or vantage point which makes her believe the key to success is covering up her body in ill-fitted white suits? I don't get the point here. Why? Someone please make the confusion go away and explain to me WHY.

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Extra Tidbit: There were about a hundred "different" poses that have been posted up on the net. These seven pretty much sum them all up. This is as exciting as it got.
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10:02AM on 12/05/2012

I could always use some more Cuthbert in my life
I could always use some more Cuthbert in my life
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