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Elisha? Lesbian?

Jan. 31, 2008by: Seth Gecko

Yeah gents, you definitely read that title correctly and you're probably not that surprised at the same time. It appears that the recent activities, hair-do's and clothing choices of the gorgeous Elisha Cuthbert might all lead to the fact that she is officially either a lesbian or bisexual. How do we know this you ask? Well, "U.S. Magazine" just did an exclusive report where Elisha was apparently seen making-out with.....*gets puke bag*......Paris Hilton! Just the thought of our sweet little angel kissing that skank just makes me want to gag.

Apparently, the two of them were going at it pretty good at a nightclub but most believe now that Paris was just putting on a show for the cameras and audience. However, that doesn't explain why Elisha was so into it. At this point though, a representative for Elisha is stating that the event never occurred and it's all bullshit. Has Elisha fulfilled one of men's greatest fantasies? Could we now imagine her making out with Scarlett Johansson? Only time will tell gents....time will tell. Enjoy the photo below!

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