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Eliza Does Jessica

Jun. 23, 2009by: Cherry Liquor
Is the direction you want to go in after the internet has seen a dog finding its way into your holiest of hollies, Eliza Dushku? We saw that look on your face and it was clear that you were enjoying yourself. So to put us through that torture, of knowing that a random dog knows you more intimately than any of your true fans ever will, how can you besmirch our love for you by hopping over to Jessica Simpson's pad and borrowing her Mom belt?

Unless you were there for some threesome action with the busty blonde and her football dude, I don't think there's a good enough explanation for this on the red carpet for the premiere of WE LIVE IN PUBLIC. Because we don't. We live in an alternate reality where you could plausibly become one of our girlfriends. We don't even care which one of us you pick, we'd just cheer on the lucky bastard you picked.

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10:25AM on 06/23/2009
Looking fresh faced and fit.

Looking fresh faced and fit.

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