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Eliza Dushku is feeling irie at the Marley premiere

Apr. 18, 2012by: Droz

Eliza Dushku was at the premiere of the new Bob Marley documentary last night, looking cute and hot in her little bustier thing with the belly button sticking out. I like looking at Eliza, because she looks nice. That's probably why you see her a lot more than you hear from her, because up to this point how she looks has been better for her than how she acts. I've never really been impressed with any of her performances. She started out doing a lot of bitchy teen roles, which was okay for her as most teens don't really have any trouble understanding what an asshole acts like. As many of us know or remember, teens either deal with assholes on a daily basis or are the assholes. The hard part for most young actors like Eliza was getting into more meatier roles. Eliza has yet to figure that out. She better make that happen soon, or else I fear fond memories of her looks will be all that remains of her career.

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