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Elizabeth Hurley on the set of the new Wonder Woman

Mar. 16, 2011by: Cherry Liquor
Wake me when it's been canceled and tell me if it was any good, as I don't have any plans on carving time out of my schedule to watch the Wonder Woman TV show now currently being filmed. I like Adrianne Palicki just fine and I think it's swell that they got old-school hottie Elizabeth Hurley to appear on the show, but I just don't have the energy of my younger self to invest the two f*cks it would take to muster up the interest. Granted, I'll probably watch clips of the show as they slowly stream to the internet, picking apart the pieces I like the best from there, and I might be talked into pretending to watch an episode or two if someone bakes me some proper brownies, but otherwise... I'll settle for the images like these as they come to me.

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Extra Tidbit: Her right boob must be super hot.
Source: Daily Blam

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