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Elizabeth Hurley wants you to support her boobies

Oct. 12, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

A while back, in a Then & Now column, it was mentioned that Elizabeth Hurley has an active hand in many charities and foundations. What we have here is physical evidence of that activeness straight from England's Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. She's the official face of the campaign, which combines the idea of saving boobies with buying handbags. Hurley was an apt choice for the woman to represent the breasts of England. Although, I'm not sure what that signifies her to do, other than get on the microphone and say a few words of inspiration. These images are the only inspiration I need. They should try releasing something so that men can get involved, too. Like a pink raiser, or pink twelve-pack. Seriously, I would buy that shit! Elizabeth has already lured me into the idea of helping with her hotness, but I just have no reason to own a pink handbag. That's not my bag, baby! Although, it is my bag to help keep breasts like Hurley's perky and healthy... Do I pay by check or debt?

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