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Emilia Clarke is tight in the terminal

Dec. 19, 2012by: Droz

What is it about all these British hotties that allows them to deal with paparazzi in an upbeat, positive way? The native hotties here in the States tend to get a little cranky with the media - especially at the airport, where Emilia Clarke was spotted making her way either onto or off of a flight. Can't really blame them for that. Airports are a thoroughly infuriating place anymore. I guess the British know how to handle getting attention from the press. They certainly know how to dress for an occasion. Nice pants there, Emilia - I love how they outline the lovely shape of you. Speaking of that, I do hope we get more shots of Emilia's beautiful naked body on Game of Thrones when it returns this March. We didn't get any khaleesi ass at all last season, which was almost an insult. Now that they've worked in a few more minutes for each episode, they should have plenty of time for some extensive Emilia nude scenes. I know they have a lot of ground to cover in the next couple seasons, but I'd be willing to put Daenerys ass on an equal level with undead armies or whatever awesomeness Tyrion gets up to.

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11:49AM on 12/20/2012


...and beautiful.
...and beautiful.
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11:05PM on 12/19/2012
A princess.
A princess.
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