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Emily Blunt and her ass do track and field in spandex

3 years agoby: Droz

Not sure if Emily Blunt is doing these calisthenics for some purpose or just to keep in shape, but whatever is happening, she's doing it well. She's got a movie in preproduction with Tom Cruise called ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, a rather awkwardly-named sci-fi flick about soldiers caught in time loops or something. Getting that combat readiness look is the most likely reason for running the bleachers. God I hated doing that in gym. Such a pain in the ass, literally.

So does it make me a perv to enjoy seeing hotties like Emily Blunt do their pre-workout stretches and stuff? The ladies seem to find that annoying, but come on, we're guys. What do you expect? We're going to notice when you bend yourself in half and stick your ass into the air. Would you rather that we didn't care about it at all? Somehow I think being entirely ignored by every guy who wanders into view would be worse for you. Unless the guy is making obscene gestures or touching themselves, I'd suggest you ladies take a glance or two during those moments as a compliment. You're hot and we're noticing. It's complementary.

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