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Emily Blunt keeps doing glamour right at the London Critics Circle Film Awards

Jan. 22, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
It might have been Helena Bonham Carter who was receiving the lifetime achievement award at the London Critics Circle Film Awards (could they have made that sound anything more like a Circle Jerk awards ceremony?) but it was Emily Blunt who was getting the most attention from the photographers at the event. This classy, simply floor-length black dress is the latest in Blunt's tasteful and glamourous looks that she's been sporting all around the awards ceremonies this year. Unlike HBC, who notably ends up with the Worst Dressed Award for everything she attends, and manages to accept her Lifetime Achievement honor by saying, ""It's so weird, because I'm only 46. A lifetime achievement award...It feels like a rash. It suddenly seems like I've got a contagion of diseases, I mean awards... in the way that we've come to expect and find endearing from only her. While some here have claimed that they find Emily odd looking, I say she's striking. Love her or hate her looks, you find yourself watching her whichever side of the fence you land on. Kinda like Carter. Which is a very promising thing for the 29-year old Blunt.

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